By purchasing any of my services you're automatically accepting my Terms of Service and are obligated to follow them.
Do not argue about the terms of service. These are my rules and my rules alone, other artists' rules will differ.


  1. Price list can be altered in the future (up/down)

  2. I promise to do my best as an artist on your piece according to the information you give me.

  3. You are only purchasing the digital file. Not a physical copy.

  4. Please let me know if you intend to print out your piece, as I can email you a CMYK .jpg file best suited for printing! (I cannot submit CMYK format files to dA stash).

  5. I will send you the full resolution picture (by email or dA note). Please avoid uploading the full resolution image to social media to avoid companies that steal art for merchandise!

  6. It may take some time to post your commission to my public gallery, but rest assured there's nothing wrong with it; I just follow a schedule.

  7. Be sure to save the picture somewhere on your computer, USB memory... I clean my gallery from time to time.

  8. I reserve the right to increase the price if you want a very highly detailed drawing.

  9. I reserve the right of cancelling your commission if you have proved troublesome.

  10. Do not ask me to draw in a different style. If you commission me it's because you like my work. 

  11. Even if the provided reference of your character has a color palette section, I'll probably modify them a bit to make them fit my style (it's just a slight change). However, if you want me to stick to them, please specify it on the form. The "Other" section is a good place for these matters.

  12. As an artist, my art is constantly evolving, so there might be slight differences between the samples in my gallery and the illustration you will receive.

If you want to order an illustration for commercial use, prices will be 200-300% of the original price. The following cases are considered as commercial use:

  • Reproducing and selling the artwork

  • When you receive profit in the medium where you're using it and/or as a way to get attention (like Patreon, You Tube videos, banner of personal site, business cards...)




When commissioning me you are paying me to draw a specific character or idea for you, this does not mean you own the image rights or copyright to said image. There is an exception to this. Example; you commission me to draw your original character, the image belongs to me, but the character belongs to you and therefore I cannot reproduce or sell the piece unless given permission by you. If on the other hand you commission a character or image that does not belong to you (example, a tiger or flower or character belonging to a franchise), I do not need your permission to reproduce or sell prints of said commission. Please be aware of this. 

As the artist I hold every right to the produced artwork, and as the owner I may:

  • Post/display the picture anywhere I want (giving you proper credit as the owner of the characters).

  • Promote myself with it in any place.

  • Offer the digital files on Patreon, Gumroad and similar sites.

  • Publish art books with it.

Commissions including your original character will not be sold as prints or used for merchandise, but I may include it in a portfolio or art book for profit. Please be aware of this. Commissions of characters belonging to large franchises (steven universe, sailor moon, etc) or general imagery such as animals, plants, etc. may be sold as prints or merchandise by me. If you wish to purchase reproduction rights of my work please mention this.  

As a commissioner you MAY:

  • Re-post the art on other sites with proper credit to my gallery or page (with no profit purposes).

  • Print the art and even make whatever merchandising you want as long as it's only for your personal use and not for sale. If you wish for your commission to not be uploaded anywhere on the internet tell me, as there will be a charge. If you change your mind, send me an note or e-mail me. 

  • Use it as decoration for your deviantART profile, Facebook avatar, Skype... as long as it's a personal account and you're not making any profit with it.

As a commissioner you are NOT allowed to:

  • Reproduce the copyrighted artwork commercially (meaning making money off of it in any way).

  • Take credit for the art

  • Remove my watermarks/signatures




  • I will only accept PayPal.

  • Payment must be made in full before I will begin.

  • Payment must be made within 48 hours of the invoice being sent. If you cannot pay I reserve the right to cancel your commission.

  • PayPal payments will be made through PayPal invoice.

  • Do not send me any kind of payment until I have confirmed I can accept your commission. Always wait for my instructions first.



  • Once payment is received, your painting will be completed as soon as possible. ETA is 3 days to 2 weeks (Provided there are no commissions ahead of you). 

  • If there are commissions ahead of you the wait time will be increased accordingly.

  • The most you'll have to wait for your commission is 4 weeks, any longer and you reserve the right to request a refund.

  • I tend to work when I feel most motivated so that your commission is done properly and with the best effort!

  • I will always inform you if something comes up and there is a delay with the art.

  • If you have a deadline I will do my best to make it in time. Keep in mind that I may charge an extra fee depending on the time limit.





  1. Stylistic changes such as face and head style will not be accepted, if you commission me it is because you respect my style such as my young, doll looking faces. Exceptions include if your character has a very noticeable trait such as a hooked nose or squinted eyes that I did not portray accurately.

  2. You MUST give me ALL information you wish to be included in the image BEFORE I begin. I have the right to refuse changes of details you did not specify before I began. 

  3. You may request 3 small changes to the sketch such as adding an accessory, changing a frown to a smile, etc. Large changes that require completely redrawing the picture will NOT be accepted. You may not decide that you want a different pose or perspective after I have already drawn your image based on your initial information.

  4. Once the image is painted you may once again request 3 small changes. Any large changes will require an additional charge. Acceptable revision requests include changing hair or eye colour, or fixing painting mistakes. Unacceptable revision requests include completely changing an outfit or hairstyle or facial expression (this will require an additional charge).

  5. If I forget details you specified before I began those revisions do not count towards the 3 revision requests, as it is my fault for missing them. If the explanation was not clear I am not responsible and the revision will count towards the 3 revision requests allotted. 

  6. If I have followed all instructions you gave me but you decide that you do not like the sketch I have done for whatever reason, you are still responsible for paying for the time I put in working on it. If you change your mind and want a different pose you still must pay for the first sketch that was done. I will make small revisions to the initial sketch but will not completely redraw the sketch in a new pose without proper compensation. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Once the picture is finished, I can do small changes such as color adjustments and/or adding tiny details I may have forgotten.

  • Note that it is more difficult to make changes once the image is finished, as layers have already been merged.

  • The sketch stage is the ideal time to request changes such as forgotten details.

  • If your reference was unclear to start with, I have the right to refuse large changes. Make sure to be clear in your order what you aim for.





Because I am a digital artist, you are paying me for the time spent and work put into creating the artwork, rather than the piece of art itself, and it is not fair to not pay me for my time spent working. 

  • If the sketch is finished you are responsible for 20% of the full price.

  • If the painting is half done you will be responsible for 70% of the full price.

  • If the painting is finished you are responsible for the full price of the image.

  1. You have no right to cancel or demand a refund from the artist under any circumstances after payment is received if I have followed your instructions correctly. Attempting to warp details or tell me I misinterpreted your words is not acceptable. Mind games will not be tolerated. 

  2. If you file a charge back against me, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted. Also note that you will be blocked and you won't be able to purchase anything from me anymore (commissions, adopts...). Your name and info will be publicly posted everywhere for others to watch out. 

  3. You can cancel a commission at anytime IF I have not already started it.


I reserve the right to edit this text at any time. Please note that exceptions can be made upon request.
Mariipie's Terms of Service used as a template.