HI THERE, I'm Eineko

I am a pop surrealism digital artist that loves all things cute, with a hint of the macabre and unusual. I like taking naps in the sunlight with my cats, eating snacks, and playing video games. 
Art is my passion, and I hope to meet many like-minded people!


I think what inspired me to become an artist are my mom and dad's sketches. My parents, and family in general, are quite artistic in many ways, we just love to create things. My dad is a wood sculptor and my mom is the queen of DIY crafting, she paints anything that can't run away. 

What motivates me is the beauty of ball jointed dolls. When I was ten, it was anime that inspired me to draw, but when I discovered ball jointed dolls I saw a beauty that was uncanny, slightly unsettling, and hauntingly beautiful. I yearned to recreate it in my own way. 

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you like what you see.

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